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With the development of social trends in China, networking has become an indispensable part of social development. Therefore, web printing has become the development trend of the printing industry

for most industries, personal computers and Internet have indeed brought earth shaking changes. Taiwan's information technology industry (it, informationtechnology) provides timely services for Wintel computers (Microsoft and Intel) all over the world. Over the past decade, the demand for computing machines has grown year by year, from which these companies have learned to become a group of professional teams that can design and produce computer equipment most in the world

but 1 Experimental force: 10kN; Since Apple launched the iPad, Acer and ASUS have faced unprecedented pressure that the aluminum oxide ceramic mechanical property testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. can test the stretching, peeling, tightening, bending, shearing, bursting, puncturing, fatigue and other items of metal and non-metal, high molecular materials. The sales volume of computers is very large, but the gross profit is very low. Although iPad opens the window of the new product line for tablet computers, But the cheaper new market makes computer manufacturers with low gross margins have business but no fun. Moreover, apple leads the trend, and the price of iPad has become the upper limit of tablet computers of other brands. Apple's iPad volume is large and stable, and it has become the God of wealth of all suppliers. A single model can choose the best parts, with the lowest cost and gross profit of more than 50%. After the iPad is sold, the revenue of APP application software continues to flow

apple is like an oil company selling cars. After selling a car, there is an additional regular customer who buys gasoline. Other tablet computer suppliers do not have gasoline, and the cars they produce cannot be sold more expensive than those of the oil company. The difficulties of other computer manufacturers can be imagined

HP, the No. 1 company, sold 64million computers last year and announced its intention to quit the PC business and tablet computer business in August 2011, because Apple iPad changed the rules of the computer game

Nokia lost NT $80billion in 2010, and its market value plummeted by 85%, because iPhone expanded its application range

Nintendo has experienced a negative profit growth of 19% for the first time since the launch of Wii, because iPad has become a cheap game platform, and even the elderly and children Nintendo can't find can play iPad games

EMI, the world's top three record pipelines, decided not to issue physical CDs, and the advanced and backward production capacity before tax in 2009 were lsquo; 1 knife cutting rsquo; With a loss of more than NT $90billion, Apple's icloud advocates digital music, and personal music can be synchronized in the cloud through iTunes. The music industry ecosystem has moved from analog to digital without entities

borders, the second largest bookstore chain in the United States, announced bankruptcy. Before September 31, 2011, 399 stores will complete the closure procedures, officially finish classes, carry schoolbags and go home. With iPads and e-books, many people don't go to bookstores to buy books

on the surface, we can see that apple sells cars (iPhones and iPads), but in fact, selling gasoline (with iTunes as the store) is the core of influencing and computer sales. The above-mentioned competitors of apple are world-class large companies with a large number of talents. Apple launched iPod (MP3 music player) in 2001 and used iTunes to manage and sell music on computers. It has been more than 10 years since seeing iPod, iPhone IPad Apple plays one play after another, and the whole IT industry has no countermeasures

today, which printing factories have countermeasures for online printing

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