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Talking about network marketing between small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises

indeed, the low cost of network marketing makes small and medium-sized enterprises stand on the same starting line as large enterprises, and can use network marketing to promote enterprises and products

the planning industry once compared large and small enterprises to rabbits and elephants. Rabbits have flexible national technology centers that can quickly change directions and try new things, so it is not surprising that they have achieved good results in network marketing; The elephant is large and relatively slow in action. It is obviously slow in network marketing, but it can also survive, but it also has its advantages. After all, it has abundant capital and can start later and arrive first

there is no doubt that small and medium-sized enterprises have a certain advantage in the competition of network marketing foresight, while large enterprises often start to consider more investment when the network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises has achieved better results, in order to achieve transcendence. But in reality, China's Internet marketing communication is still in a relatively preliminary stage. What enterprises can think of is nothing more than building a station and putting some advertisements on major stations or search engines, which makes large enterprises feel that heroes are useless and that money is nowhere to be used. Of course, this is also related to the fact that there are too few research enterprises in China's Internet marketing communication. China's Internet is more at the simple technical level, and the in-depth research on Internet marketing communication is also very lacking

from the perspective of competition, the network marketing communication between small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises is asymmetric. Small and medium-sized enterprises respond quickly and are willing to try new methods and models. Large enterprises have abundant funds and pay attention to brand and long-term development. Large enterprises should give full play to their advantages in network marketing, make full use of the advantages of low network cost and wide coverage, and use the capital advantage to systematically establish a good network marketing communication system, fully integrate the elements of enterprise culture, brand culture communication, customers, employees, partners and so on into the complete system, promote and influence each other, and form the advantage and threshold of competition. Large enterprises pay more attention to brands, and brands happen to be the ultimate advantage of competition. Excellent brands will build a high threshold for competitors to compete. Therefore, Jieshi communication believes that the network marketing communication planning of large enterprises should pay more attention to systematization, and integrate network marketing into the enterprise development strategy and long-term planning, rather than doing whatever you want, and do whatever you want after installation on the ship. Only by forming a network marketing communication system suitable for enterprises, can we build the cornerstone of large enterprises' network marketing and form advantages in the competition with small and medium-sized enterprises' network marketing communication

if the elephant and the rabbit are more flexible than the manufacturer of alloy wear-resistant erosion corrosion strength testing machine, the competition is doomed to lose before the beginning. The elephant should take a more stable, solid and far sighted step than the rabbit, then the elephant will surely win the network marketing communication competition

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