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Talking about the digital age: the multimedia function of online newspapers

in the digital age, reading newspapers on the Internet has become an increasingly popular daily activity for many people to obtain information. Network newspaper is also called digital newspaper. As the main part of the traditional newspaper digitization project, its style characteristics and development innovation reflect the realization process of digital newspaper industry. On the one hand, the media form of online newspaper maintains the layout form of paper newspaper and respects readers' reading habits to the greatest extent. On the other hand, it combines the characteristics of fast and convenient Internet. Therefore, its popularization in social life will become a trend

it is not surprising that there are different appellations after a new thing appears. Because academia and industry have not strictly defined the concept, there are three kinds of appellations about the form of newspapers on the Internet: electronic newspaper, online newspaper and digital newspaper. Of course, their specific forms are different in different technical stages, but they all have a common feature, that is, they are all processed by digital technology and more or less reflect the characteristics of network multimedia. Therefore, the industry collectively refers to them as multimedia digital newspapers

the common features of online newspapers

are derived from traditional paper media, which are re formed by using online digital technology, and published and disseminated in the Internet. From the perspective of the advantages of traditional newspapers, the newspaper industry has accumulated rich intangible assets in the long-term operation process, and thus formed its core competitiveness, professional content originality and credibility. These are unmatched by pure network media. Therefore, the most intuitive manifestation of this part of core competitiveness is multimedia digital newspapers

after the second molding, the multimedia digital newspaper saves the printing and distribution time required by the traditional newspaper, making the newspaper more timely. At the same time, it has expanded the distribution space on a large scale on the basis of traditional paper media distribution, allowing newspapers to be distributed in unlimited quantities and without geographical restrictions, and people all over the world can read online newspapers

traditional newspapers reflect the primary and secondary, comparative, joint and complementary relationship of information through layout, reveal the information content, visually convey the evaluation of the manuscript to readers, and harmoniously unify the thought, content, title, style of writing, photos, etc. on the layout. The layout form of newspaper has been recognized and accepted by generations of readers after years of communication practice, Layout language has become one of the most distinctive and advantageous means of communication of newspapers. The online newspaper inherits this excellent style, which can also have a strong attraction and guidance for readers' vision. More importantly, the inheritance of this style also enables readers to find familiar reading habits in the new online environment, quickly grasp the points of interest, and improve reading efficiency

multimedia in the form of online newspapers is their most important feature, which not only promotes the richness and three-dimensional content, but also provides an effective way to serve readers

breakthrough in communication forms. This is the most intuitive and important feature of multimedia digital newspapers. It breaks through the natural limitations of only words and pictures in content, and can easily insert video and audio content or animation, so that the report can be truly vivid, and it is not limited by time. It can be read as it wants. Newspapers are not just used to read from now on. At the same time, the appearance and quality of pictures also greatly exceed the expressiveness of paper printing; Video and audio multimedia has a growing impact on the final effect of communication. Without considering the space-time flexibility of media, video is obviously more competitive because it covers the vision of newspapers and the hearing of radio. The multimedia of online newspapers can give full play to the role of newspapers, radio and television, and mobile media, take advantage of the advantages of online media, which integrates linear communication and nonlinear communication (not limited by time), integrate text and pictures, audio and video, and live broadcast, mobilize the forms and means of various media, and comprehensively disseminate information, so as to achieve the best communication effect through combination

breakthrough in publishing time and cycle. The advantage of online newspaper lies in its fast update speed and convenient reading. It does not need to be downloaded before reading. Although at present, the publishing time and cycle of too many multimedia digital newspapers are consistent with that of paper newspapers, in theory, it has the technical ability to be published at any time. Some multimedia digital newspapers have been updated or published many times a day, breaking the limitations of the original publishing time and cycle of paper newspapers. From the reader level, breaking the regional time limit or offline reading will make the information reception more comprehensive, and improve the fatigue strength of the structure

breakthrough in query navigation. The multimedia digital newspaper basically has the navigation function on the page for readers to choose freely. Layout navigation allows readers to click on a layout sequence at will, and then the corresponding layout and main titles will appear. Click the title with the mouse, and then browse the corresponding articles or pictures; Using the title navigation, the titles of all articles in the newspaper of the day can be seen at a glance. Click search by date at the top of the page to view the contents of the paper at will

breakthroughs in interactivity and service. Broadcasting can only realize point-to-point communication, but cannot interact with more audiences at the same time. TV conversation is restricted by space and object, and most of the interactive communication is preset. Newspaper feedback that due to the fragmentation of time, there is no way to achieve synchronous interactive communication. Online newspapers have incomparable advantages over traditional media in terms of interactivity

the online newspaper service needs to be improved.

in terms of service, with the help of the online background and technology, the online newspaper can also provide an advantage platform that traditional media cannot compare. For example, the service functions such as information query and retrieval, newspaper subscription, RSS subscription and so on have become more and more popular

the multimedia function of online newspapers cannot be regarded as advanced and impeccable. In particular, while affirming the positive role of multimedia functions, we should also consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality comprehensively. We should objectively realize that multimedia functions are not perfect, and they also show many negative factors in the process of communication

it is even more difficult to protect the copyright of hyperspace communication. Like other online information, the spread of online newspapers on the Internet 78 elastomer modified asphalt waterproof membrane is not limited by space and time. In other words, no matter where the reader is, no matter when, no matter which issue or article he wants to read, he can theoretically receive relevant information through the Internet. This is the advantage of digital media, but it also raises a problem: content copyright

in the past, traditional media also faced this problem, but due to the constraints of distribution region, distribution time and other conditions, even if the copyright infringer took action, due to the constraints, the degree is far less severe than that of the network media. On the Internet, the previous query, search and other functions originally provided to readers may directly provide convenience for infringers, while the simple operation of copying and pasting makes it easier to embezzle on a large scale

hyperlink communication network roaming distracts the audience. In multimedia digital newspapers, the hyperlink technology for the purpose of providing more relevant information is more and more widely and frequently used: behind it, a series of information of similar nature or content are listed with keywords as search conditions. If necessary, the audience can directly click and jump to the relevant page for reading, and then repeat the relevant jump on the jump page. From the perspective of information collection, such relevant information jump will undoubtedly be mainly beneficial to the audience's deepening understanding, but it is undeniable that this page Jump and reading are likely to make the audience forget the original reading purpose before, and be captured by the page after jump and continue to roam in the network without destination. This is obviously detrimental to the concentration of readers' attention, and has caused certain difficulties in the promotion of subsequent content of digital media

massive text fatigue reduces the reception effect. In the current context of the rapid development of Internet technology, the instant emergence of massive information, and the increasingly diverse social life, digital media, compared with other mass media, embodies the characteristics of massive information. However, this feature often brings an adverse factor: the public tends to experience information fatigue in information acceptance. The information fatigue mentioned by the author refers to the fact that in the current communication environment where the amount of information increases rapidly at the speed of exponential function and the channels of information sources continue to expand, the amount of information that individuals choose and accept is increasingly diverse, but can only maintain a certain amount. Many information publics have no time to take into account, even sensitive information in the traditional sense

to a large extent, the reason is that the audience has limited time and energy to read. When faced with too much information, they have no way to start, and do not know how to choose. Therefore, the communication advantage of multimedia has become the source of audience information fatigue and information anxiety

the authenticity and safety of interactive speech are in doubt, and more factories will establish media credibility in the future. Network provides a platform for people to take what they need and speak freely, making it possible for both sides to interact in real time. Digital newspapers are generally ahead of traditional media in terms of audience interaction. Of course, this openness and interaction undoubtedly expands the audience's right to access the media to a great extent

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