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Lanzhou high pressure attaches great importance to the business volume of the acquired company. The one-time test of the first DN2000 pressure regulating super large valve in China was successful.

good news came from the test site of a national key project. The super large valve of the national 2920s major project undertaken by Lanzhou high pressure valve Co., Ltd.: dn1300, DN2000 pressure regulating. The relevant departments held eight seminars on the situation of coal supply and demand in just two months The hydraulic and electric dn2500 and dn1400 bubble level "zero leakage" high-pressure hard seal butterfly valves and electric hard seal ball valves were successfully tested at one time

this valve is the first set of DN2000 pressure regulating valve in China at present, with a unit weight of 67 tons and a weight of more than 70 tons of accessories. These valves have high quality requirements, large caliber, heavy weight, high technical gold content and great difficulty, which far exceed the requirements of the current valve quality standards. In the process of undertaking the design and manufacture of these valves, led by the technology department, and with the joint efforts of the company's design department, process department, production department, workshop, quality assurance department, sales department and other departments, the company dared to innovate, bravely challenged the mission of the times, broke the technical blockade of a powerful country, overcome difficulties, worked day and night, meticulously, accurately analyzed and designed, successfully completed the sacred mission of "great power and heavy equipment", and handed in a satisfactory answer. In June this year, the products were successfully delivered to the base. After full load operation, these valves meet the requirements of various indicators, with stable performance and safe and reliable quality. On November 26, a certain unit was installed to help ensure the accuracy of the data, and the test was completed successfully at one time! On December 4, Le Jingjing, the chief engineer of our company, paid a return visit to the site and jointly witnessed the success of the tests of these valves on the device. The head of the team spoke highly of our products and reputation

the achievement is not achieved overnight. It fully shows that Langao people adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity is gold, innovation is business", and reflects the company's unremitting efforts to uphold and carry forward the craftsman spirit, cultivate great country craftsmen, use the "craftsman spirit" to forge "great country heavy weapons", and realize the belief that industry serves the country. p>

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