Application of the hottest twidoplc in parking equ

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The application of twidoplc in parking equipment

the production of three-dimensional parking garage is a new industry in China. From the perspective of building a manufacturing base in China, it is a world competitive situation. In general, the production of three-dimensional parking garages is still in its infancy. Cars are growing at a rate of 20% to 30% every year. Parking garages are of great use in countries and cities with more people and less land. Three dimensional parking garages can alleviate urban dynamic and static traffic problems, improve the living environment, and effectively use the value of land. It is foreseeable that China will become a manufacturing base of three-dimensional parking garages in the world

a standard three-dimensional garage is mainly composed of three parts: steel structure system, transmission system and electric control system. Among them, the electric control system is the core part of all mechanical parking equipment, which determines the operation mode and control level of the equipment. This system is generally composed of control cabinet, external sensing components and controllers. Through the complete electronic control system, pet/ct realizes the breakthrough of "zero" in the market. Now it has many functions, such as automatic vehicle access, safety detection and fault self diagnosis. All these information acquisition and signal output are completed by an intelligent component - programmable logic controller (PLC), so the stability of PLC determines the stability of this electronic control system. As we all know, the stereo parking industry belongs to the national special machinery manufacturing industry, so a safe and stable PLC is the first choice of any parking equipment manufacturer. The PLC of Twido series meets our requirements. The famous PLC of Twido series not only has high stability and safety, but also has high cost performance:

1 It has rich i/o and memory expansion functions:

everyone knows that the logic control relationship of three-dimensional parking is not very complex, but its control system has many input and output points. The number of points required for a small parking unit is about 60, and the number of points required for a slightly larger parking unit is more than 128, and the memory required is more than 8K. The PLC of Twido series is easier to realize these requirements than that of other brands

2. Protection of intellectual property rights:

the performance of parking equipment is not only reflected in its machining, but also in its control system

try to operate in place at one time. The electronic control system not only reflects the company's own characteristics, but also reflects the company's innovation and accumulation. After the program is protected by the PLC of Twido series, the indecipherable design has originality, which well protects the intellectual property rights of customers

3. Simple and convenient function block

twido series PLC rich function blocks greatly simplify the logic control relationship of programmers, reflecting the concentrated essence

4. Rich communication expansion functions

because the operation interface and control cabinet of parking equipment are generally about 20 meters, in order to ensure the effectiveness and anti-interference of communication, RS485 port is generally used, while the PLC of Twido series is equipped with RS485 port as standard, thus reducing the adapter of RS232 to R485

the control system of parking equipment is mainly composed of main control circuit and safety circuit. The main control circuit mainly controls the lifting and horizontal movement of the carrier plate. These factors will continue to support the development of the group in the next few years, including reduction motor, hydraulic motor, etc. The safety circuit is mainly designed for the safety of people and vehicles

the controlled data tensile testing machine is suitable for various textile systems. The flow chart is as follows:

in short, Twido PLC operates stably, meets the requirements of the safety and reliability of the three-dimensional garage, and the flexible and efficient programming method reduces the programming burden of programmers, making the program concise and effective. In addition, Twido PLC has an ontology module integrated with 10/100 m Ethernet, which creates conditions for our future remote maintenance and management of the three-dimensional garage

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