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Xinxing Yishan attaches great importance to safety production and carries out a comprehensive inspection

Xinxing Yishan attaches great importance to safety production and carries out a comprehensive inspection

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Xinxing Yishan company conscientiously implements the notice of the safety committee of the State Council on carrying out a major inspection of safety production and deepening the "crackdown on non-compliance" and special rectification work, and implements the deployment and arrangement of the leaders of the group company at the work safety meeting in the third quarter, Learn from the lessons of the "8.12" dangerous chemical explosion accident in Binhai New Area, and comprehensively carry out safety production inspection and dangerous goods inspection and treatment in the company

Xinxing mountain removal company attaches great importance to safety production and does a good job of safety production inspection from three aspects

first, implement safety at all levels and improve safety awareness. The company has held several regular work safety meetings to improve and revise the existing safety management system, emergency rescue plan for key hazard sources and emergency rescue plan for special equipment accidents. "8. Let's enjoy a polymer that is widely used in the Paek family: polyether ether ketone (PEEK) in the field of 3D printing utilization, material suppliers and 3D printing equipment. 12" after the accident, the company timely issued the "troubleshooting and treatment plan for hidden dangers of hazardous chemicals" and emergency plan, so that safety work can be implemented to managers at all levels, even to teams, posts and processes, without leaving a dead corner

the second is to conduct a comprehensive inventory of the safety production so far. The company's on-site safety inspection team, which is composed of "on-site management personnel, equipment management personnel, senior electrical engineers" and so on, conducts routine inspections every week and timely rectifies problems found. After the "8.12" accident, the on-site safety management inspection was changed from once a week to twice, and the problems found were rectified in time

third, manage the key parts well and eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents. The company has strengthened the inspection of key parts such as oil depots, dangerous goods depots, dawn gas, pressure gas containers, paint spraying rooms, and urged the implementation of safe use and storage measures. Automatic control is adopted for the production and storage facilities involving "two key points and one major", and the alarm system keeps working normally, which has a first-rate technology and good reputation in the industry. Strengthen the supervision and management of the accounts and procurement qualifications of hazardous chemical high-temperature heat sources, fire sources, open flames and other products, enhance the employees' awareness of safe production and ensure safe production

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