A carton factory in Nanning was burned into a pile

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A carton factory in Nanning was burned into a pile of scrap iron

release date: Source: Nanguo Morning Post

at about 0:00 on December 18, two factories in pineapple ridge, Shixi village, Shibu street, XiXiangTang District, Nanning city caught fire, and the factory buildings were burned down. Fortunately, no casualties

at 11:00 a.m. on the 18th, we saw at the scene that the simple steel shed plant with hundreds of square meters had collapsed and burned down, and the promotion of green buildings on the walls of the damaged plant would be beneficial to the market utilization of polyurethane insulation materials to a large extent. It also said "purchase a large number of dry firewood". It is faintly visible that the broken and unburned wood is emitting residual smoke at the place where the fire has been burned, and there are still open fires in some areas

according to the surrounding residents, a carton factory and a plate factory were mainly affected. At about 0:00 on the 18th, the fire started from the carton factory. At first, there was only a little smoke, and soon there was another open fire. With bursts of smoke, workers ran out of the factory. Subsequently, the water pipe on site was cut off

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