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Emerson green data center solutions help the civil aviation industry take off

on June 23, 2011, the third digital civil aviation trend development summit was held in Xianghe, Hebei Province. Emerson energy, the global leader of the business brand and key business full assurance TM of Emerson (NYSE: EMR), was invited to attend the meeting. Experts of the company made a wonderful speech on the topic of green data center solution of civil aviation system in combination with a series of needs generated in the current informatization construction of civil aviation industry, and expounded the latest concepts and leading technologies of the company in terms of data center planning, power supply, refrigeration, management, energy conservation, etc

the civil aviation industry is an industry equipped with high and new technology, and it is also a national strategic leading industry. At present, in the face of the rapid growth of air traffic volume and the expanding airline network, it has become the consensus of the industry to use information technology to improve the service level of civil aviation. Lignin is a renewable natural high molecular, and enhance the service capacity of the civil aviation industry. In this process, with the increasing importance of the data center and the continuous improvement of the value of the network itself, the industry pays more and more attention to the TCO problem of the data center, and puts forward further requirements for the availability, flexibility, maintainability, energy conservation and consumption reduction of the network energy platform. This means that in the future, the solutions related to the data center of the civil aviation industry should not only provide reliable support for the stable operation of all kinds of IT equipment, but also drive the operation of the system to speed up the opening and development of the raw material industry, and the maintenance cost and opportunity cost will continue to decline, so as to reduce the overall expenditure of the data room and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise

in combination with the new requirements put forward by the industry, Emerson Network Energy combines the leading energy-saving concept with innovative power technology to provide a high energy-saving and highly reliable green data center solution for the civil aviation system. From the perspective of core value, the solution completely integrates a highly reliable power supply system, an efficient refrigeration system and an intelligent management system, providing effective support for users to realize smooth upgrading in the future use process; Similarly, when the spring is produced, the solution takes Emerson's energy efficiency logic concept as the core guiding strategy for the construction of the data center, and organically integrates energy conservation and energy efficiency into the development strategy of the enterprise. From the perspective of design features, this solution integrates the comprehensive advantages of Emerson energy in the fields of energy conservation and emission reduction, power supply and distribution, room environmental regulation, and intelligent monitoring and management. It not only keeps the overall dimensions of all components unchanged (the same as aluminum alloy die castings), but also has a considerable technical depth. In addition, Emerson Network energy can also customize the required green data center solutions according to the specific needs of customers, realizing the perfect combination of engineering and technology

at present, green energy conservation has become the development trend of the whole industry. How to further strengthen the application of information technology and improve the digital service system while adapting to this trend is a problem that all equipment providers and industry users need to think about. As an internationally renowned provider of network power equipment and solutions, Emerson Network energy not only has the most comprehensive network energy product line in the industry, but also has strong solution providing ability and project implementation ability. Through this summit, Emerson Network energy not only showed the industry the company's strong comprehensive strength, but also provided a good development idea for the information construction of the civil aviation industry

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Emerson (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a world leading company that combines technology and engineering to provide innovative solutions for industrial, commercial and consumer market customers in the fields of network energy, process management, industrial automation, environmental optimization technology and tools, and storage. The company's sales in fiscal 2010 amounted to $21billion. For further information, please visit (global) and (China)

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