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Emerson CT driver helps Australia improve production efficiency

the Dalrymple Bay coal terminal is located in hay point port, Queensland, Australia. The new ship loader installed by Emerson CT AC driver constitutes the main feature of the ship loader. The giant ship loader serves a total of 14 mining areas in Central Queensland, including the Blair Athol mine, as part of the Babcock & Brown infrastructure expansion plan

the standard unloading speed of darlingpur coal terminal is 5500 tons per hour, and about trains can unload coal every day for export to Japan, China, India and other countries. In the recent phase 6 expansion plan, a new berth will be added and a new ship loader will be installed. Together with the original two berths and two ship loaders, the loading capacity will be increased to 56million tons per year

the coal loader weighs 1030 tons and is 49 meters high. It is manufactured in the Brisbane River and transported to berth 3 in darlingpur Bay by heavy crane ship. The transportation is carried out at low tide, and the clearance with the bridge body is only 2.5 meters when passing through the Brisbane gateway bridge

contractor clough downer JV handed over all contracts related to variable speed AC motor control of coal loader to Emerson CT Australia. Emerson CT's design scheme is to realize the communication between all drivers and PLC through DeviceNet, and realize the closed-loop control of motor through encoder feedback. At the same time, all drivers have additional on-board processing capacity

"although the coal loader is large, the space for driving the console is very limited." Ananda Sebastian, executive director of Emerson CT Sydney headquarters, said

"Users are very satisfied with our solution based on unidrive AC driver. In this solution, the back water absorption of the driver and switchgear is 0.2%-0.4%, and the back is installed in a specially designed compact cabinet. Before leaving the Brisbane River Wharf, we must adjust the boom driver to lower the boom in order to smoothly pass the bridge. After the installation in darlingpur Bay, we also completed the final commissioning soon. Customers are very satisfied with this 。”

the ship loader can load 7200 tons of goods per hour, and can drive along the 200 m long dock (1/3) track of the berthing ship. The whole landing dock is 3.8 km long, which is the longest coal dock in Australia to meet the arrival of the 4D printing period. The action range of the boom shuttle head can cover the entire cargo tank width to realize uniform loading. When loading, the sleeve type coal loading tank is used to minimize the amount of dust. This coal loading tank can load coal within 360 ° of the cargo hold to ensure complete and uniform loading

the winch system of the sleeve coal loading tank is equipped with two 55 kW unidrives, one for position control and one with regeneration mode, which can feed energy to the power supply when braking. The jib pitching crane is a 500 kW renewable system, including three unidrives with power distribution and three unidrives with renewable mode. The 55 kW boom shuttle winch system is renewable, equipped with a position control unidrive and a UniDr with renewable mode, reducing about 30% ive

the journey of about 200 m along the berth is driven by 28 motors synchronously controlled by four 160 kW drives, and another four 160 kW drives provide regenerative power

the feedback information is obtained from the drive software and the control PLC through DeviceNet. The PLC uses this information to control the winding of the wire rope and hose reel, so as to maintain a constant feeding angle on the wire rope and hose no matter in or out

Emerson CT is capable of providing driving solutions for new cranes and equipment updates. We have senior drive experts in major market regions around the world, who can provide high-quality services for port crane OEMs, not to mention fire performance manufacturers and port operators, and give the best electrical drive scheme. (end)

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