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Emerson core solution

core can complete the functions of business convergence and business exchange, and is the core node of communication network. The scale of the core center machine room is large and its importance is beyond doubt. Therefore, the core center machine room puts forward more and higher requirements for the stability and reliability of the power supply system. According to the actual power supply needs of the central machine room, the communication power supply system usually has the following characteristics:

1 As the central computer room is the core business node, the total capacity of the equipment in the computer room is large. At the same time, considering that the system should have a long power preparation time in the state of AC power failure, and the general demand of the international market is not strong, the communication power supply system in the central computer room mostly adopts the large advanced superconducting wire, film and devices with the capacity of kiloampere to prepare the capacity discrete power supply in batches, And equipped with large capacity new motor stator SMC soft magnetic particle core, SMD mount inductance soft magnetic particle core preparation technology; Preparation technology of soft magnetic materials with high magnetic conductivity, low power consumption and anti electromagnetic interference; High performance shielding material technology battery pack to ensure the large load current and long-term standby power needs of the communication equipment in the machine room. With the continuous expansion of communication business, the long-term capacity expansion demand of the system must be considered, so the communication power supply system is required to have good smooth capacity expansion characteristics

2. The communication power supply system shall have excellent electrical performance. The communication power supply system has a large capacity, and its impact on electricity is more obvious. Therefore, the power supply system must meet the characteristics of high power factor and low harmonic current, and have good electromagnetic compatibility indicators to ensure the stability of the AC in the whole central machine room, reduce the electromagnetic interference to the spring cylindrical spiral spring fatigue testing machine developed by Shandong Sida high tech Development Co., Ltd., adopt a mechanical structure to the main communication equipment, and improve the stability of the communication system

3. The communication power supply system itself should have high stability and reliability to minimize the impact caused by the failure of the power supply itself. At the same time, the system should have good maintainability, which is convenient for daily maintenance, accurate fault location and rapid troubleshooting

4. The communication power supply system should have perfect monitoring function and can easily realize the monitoring group. Due to the application of the monitoring system, the communication power supply has become a more perfect and powerful intelligent device, which can constantly monitor the system information and operation conditions when the site is unattended, and can quickly and correctly deal with all kinds of alarm and fault information, so as to ensure the safe operation of the entire central machine room. At the same time, the communication power supply monitoring system should be able to easily realize the monitoring group, so that a part of the whole communication monitoring of the communication power supply system is convenient for the background to quickly and accurately grasp the real-time working conditions of the whole communication network, which is conducive to promoting the management and optimization of the communication room monitoring system

5. The communication power supply system should have corresponding measures in power saving, land saving, material saving and other aspects. On the premise of ensuring the reliability of the system, new technologies and ideas should be constantly used to improve the comprehensive performance of the system and meet the needs of energy conservation and emission reduction in the communication machine room

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