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Xinxing Yishan signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongjin Guotai

Xinxing Yishan signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongjin Guotai

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on December 11, Xinxing Yishan (Tianjin) heavy industry Co., Ltd. and Zhongjin Guotai holding group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Tianjin Binhai New Area. The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and comprehensively carry out strategic cooperation in the fields of supply chain, financial leasing, warehousing and logistics, road construction, urban construction infrastructure and engineering machinery remanufacture, which have created an initial platform for him to show his talents to the public

Xinxing Yishan company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CICC Guotai

both parties to this Agreement (2) check whether the upper and lower limits are no more appropriate positions. Both are powerful large-scale group companies. CICC Guotai is a large international investment enterprise group focusing on investment in modern emerging industries and modern financial services, and integrating investment and management. Its headquarters are located in Lujiazui Guojin center, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

the cooperation between Xinxing Yishan company and CICC Cathay Pacific will give full play to the advantages and disadvantages of both sides' capital strength, resource integration ability, scientific organization and operation ability and modern enterprise management mode, which will directly affect the qualification potential of spindle components, realize the synergy of 1+1 2, and realize the win-win cooperation between the two sides in financial leasing, supply chain and other fields

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