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Emerson embedded the new control compiler into ovation expert control system

nearly days after the experiment, Emerson Process Management Department announced that the company would integrate a new enhanced control compiler into ovation expert control system. This control compiler is used by customers of ovation products to create and control logic. The new control compiler will become part of ovation's comprehensive engineering tool package, and will add improved drawing and browsing features, which will provide users with enhanced flexibility, ease of use and collaboration. Ovation control system is a key technology, which will enhance Emerson's PlantWeb digital plant structural system

as far as the current situation is concerned, the new control compiler supports the use of advanced algorithms and new intelligent control strategies, which balance technologies such as fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence and digital bus interface, which will help users maximize efficiency and reduce operating costs. Unlike third-party software packages, these drawing functions in the new ovation control compiler are specially designed to meet the different requirements of vehicle types to create and control logic, simplify and streamline the logic development process. The ovation control compiler has the characteristics of a more comprehensive and intuitive graphical user interface, which is mainly designed for the establishment of control system and simplified guidance and reporting functions. The control compiler provides information in the SAMA format supported by the industry, and can also provide document support information for control strategy technology

another new feature of the control compiler is to display the logical execution process in a standardized and accessible PDF format environment. This prompt not only provides shared documents to user organizations in this format, but also provides information to EPC contractors, plant structure design companies, and control system and equipment bidders

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