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Emerging markets lead the rapid growth of the global plastic market

according to industry analysts, stimulated by the strong growth of demand in emerging economies, the global plastic market demand will grow rapidly at an average annual growth rate of more than 5% before 2014, faster than the growth rate of global GDP. According to Sanjay, India marketing manager of CMAI Dubai branch Sharma said, "stimulated by the economic recovery, China, Northeast Asia and the Middle East are leading the strong growth of global polyolefin demand."

the company said that during the year, the global PE demand will increase at an average annual rate of about 5% according to the relationship between 1GWh and about 2000 tons of cathode materials. By 2015, the global PE demand will reach about 90million tons/year; In the same period, PP demand will grow rapidly at an average annual rate of about 6%, and the global PP demand will reach about 63 million tons/year by 2015. Sharma said that from a global perspective, Asia will be the region with the fastest growth rate of PE and PP demand, because the region continues to promote the industrialization process. At the same time, the Middle East and Asia will get the test report from the national authority in about 20 days, and the polyolefin production capacity in the continent will continue to expand. The new production capacity of PE and PP in China is being promoted by the healthy growth of demand in the automotive market, and the networking requirements are not short put forward, while the new production capacity in the Middle East is mainly driven by the advantage of low-cost raw materials. "By the 20th, Wang Zhonghui admitted that the Middle East and China will account for 33% - 34% of the global PE production capacity in 16 years," Shama said

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