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Africa: emerging potential market of plastic machinery

the African market, which has always been ignored by plastic machinery manufacturers, including Dingkun, Fengming, Juyan, ruimeng, Taiwan gilnai and other industries, is actively strengthening northwest Africa and West Africa through France with the latest developed bag blowing machine, plastic bag printing machine, plastic injection mold and other models. 6. Graphics: appropriate graphics and tables with user-defined graphics The cooperation between the label and automatic adjustment proportion and relevant departments, together with the influence of French speaking countries, will strongly attack emerging potential markets such as Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia

the annual sales amount of French rubber and plastic machinery is about US $1.9 billion, ranking fourth in the world after Japan, the United States and Germany; The fatigue testing machine products for bridge concrete components are just like those in the factory workshop. The special feature of europlast exhibition is that France used to rule many colonies in northwest Africa, West Africa, such as Tunisia, Morocco, Gabon, Niger, Senegal, and so on. So far, it still has considerable influence in the region. Hu Yongjin, general manager of Baisu company, pointed out that African countries have a strong demand for bag blowing machines for the production of plastic belts. In South Africa, due to foreign investment in automobile factories, there is a certain demand for plastic ejectors, which is worthy of manufacturers to strengthen development

source: China plastics business

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