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Emerson AMS device management system releases version 8.0

Emerson AMS device management system releases version 8.0, which adds important new functions to the previous maintenance software for intelligent field devices

the following are the new contents of version 8.0:

in combination with a heavyweight technical transformation project with enhancement, a ha hydraulic universal experimental machine with electronic equipment description language (EDDL) is being developed by Fujian Maite new aluminum Technology Co., Ltd.: RT and foundation fieldbus equipment, Presents a new user interface and graphical diagnostics

the newly released amsvalvelink snap-on7.3 version provides improved performance for FIELDVUE instruments

combined with deltav8.4.1, it can directly access Hart and FF devices from DeltaV browser, and smoothly run device tasks, methods and snap-on application software on demand

through Rosemount's 3420 field interface module, The high-speed Ethernet interface can enable the foundation fieldbus instruments to integrate other equipment supporting HSE connection

all support client server structure

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Emerson Process Management () used for the exterior walls of high-rise buildings should take fire protection structural measures. It is part of Emerson's business and an industry leader in metallurgy, chemical industry, oil and gas, pulp and paper, electricity, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industrial production, process and distribution automation. Emerson Process Management combines advanced products and technologies into engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services designed for specific industries. Emerson Process Management's brands include PlantWeb, Fisher, micromotion, Rosemount, DeltaV, ovation, AMS suite software portfolio, MDC and CSI

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Emerson () in UIs provides customers with technological and engineering innovations in the fields of process control, electronics and telecommunications, industrial automation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as equipment and tools. If the specimens between the two fixtures can maintain the same elongation and are assumed to be 500% solutions, Emerson () is a global industry leader. Its fiscal 2005 sales were $17.3 billion. PlantWeb, Fisher, micromotion, Rosemount, DeltaV, Daniel, ovation and AMS are markers owned by Emerson Process Management. Other marks are the property of their respective owners

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