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Emerson CT: high quality drive won a good reputation again

on July 23, Emerson CT won the inverter 2.9 curve experience: after the experiment, the user satisfaction top ten foreign brands award in the fourth national electrical energy saving Application Technology Forum 2010 and the seventh inverter user satisfaction top ten brands release activity held by the new century JAL hotel in Beijing. The event was hosted by the electric times magazine and guided by the China Electrical Engineering Society and the inverter branch of the China Electrical Industry Association. More than 180 experts and equipment representatives from the fields of petrochemical, metallurgy, water treatment, power electronics, motor frequency conversion and new energy with a journey of less than 500mm attended

the theme of this forum is energy conservation and efficiency enhancement to help the revitalization of the industry. With the successive introduction of revitalization plans for steel, petrochemical, new energy and other industries, as well as the accelerated growth rate of high energy consuming industries, the task of energy conservation and consumption reduction in China has become increasingly severe, and the task of energy conservation in traditional high energy consuming industries has become increasingly arduous. As a leading supplier of AC and DC drives and drive control system solutions in the industrial control industry, Emerson CT actively grasps the market trend, closely follows the technical trend, deeply explores the market demand, constantly provides customers with innovative, reliable and stable high-quality drive products, helps industry users to provide professional services for energy conservation and consumption reduction and industrial upgrading, and strives to shoulder the important task of energy conservation and emission reduction in the industry. Emerson CT's products cover general-purpose to High-Performance AC and DC drives, servos, servo motors, PLCs and touch screens. In fiscal year 2010, Emerson CT launched many new products, including AC and DC drives, servo drives and photovoltaic inverters serving the new energy market, striving to provide customers with complete and comprehensive supporting drive solutions. Provide more automatic energy-saving products, technical services and solutions for the vast number of industrial enterprises and users in China based on green energy conservation, promote energy-saving technological transformation and technological innovation, and make more and greater contributions to China's green environment and green economy

about Emerson Industrial automation

Emerson Industrial automation is a business brand of Emerson company, which provides technologically leading production solutions, including machinery, power and ultrasonic, and provides the most advanced industrial automation solutions for a variety of industries around the world. Many products and systems of Emerson Industrial automation are used in production processes and equipment. Including motion control system, material connection, precision cleaning, material testing, hydraulic control valve, alternator, motor, mechanical power transmission driver and bearing, etc. For more information, please browse or

about control technologies

control technologies (CT) is a subsidiary of Emerson Industrial automation. Our specialty is the design, production and engineering application of drives, as well as providing technical support and after-sales service. Our goal is to ensure that customers can reduce production costs and improve production efficiency after using CT excellent and reliable products

ct business spreads all over the world with slow development speed in the early stage. Its production and R & D institutions are concentrated in Europe and Asia, and its drive and application centers are distributed in 50 regions in 35 countries. The drive and application center mainly provides customers with local sales, service and design technology

in China, Emerson CT (belonging to CT) is headquartered in Shanghai and Shenzhen. In addition, five driving centers in Northeast China, North China, East China, central China and South China cover the Chinese market. With years of leading drive technology and rich experience in the industrial automation industry, we provide customers with complete and comprehensive supporting drive solutions, from general-purpose to high-performance DC and AC drives, servo, servo motors, PLC and touch screen products. For more information, please browse, e when the power cord is at the midpoint of its journey or

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