The hottest emerging new food packaging

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The emerging new food packaging

modified atmosphere packaging and its healthy counterparts

map (modified atmosphere packaging) are becoming more and more important for fresh food. Nowadays, convenience foods placed in cardboard boxes, deep plastic boxes or vertical bags can be directly heated in the microwave oven or even fried. In the field of machinery, the development of this industry is related to packaging manufacturing, supply, control, coding and labeling technology. The label referred to here not only plays a role in product publicity, but also can identify and manage goods in the material process. From April 21st to 27th, 2005, the world's largest international exhibition of skidding packaging machinery was held in Duesseldorf. I can choose a variety of curves such as load deformation and load time, and related products from food production and packaging become the protagonists

consumers are increasingly concerned about the source and safety of food, as well as food storage and refrigeration technology. In addition, expectations for food taste maintenance and quality are also increasing, for example, through the detection of food raw materials to determine their safety. As the final production machine, it must be equipped with identification and control equipment. The latest safety standards require more and more software based food production lines. Because consumers' taste needs are constantly changing, the development of on-demand production lines and packaging equipment has become more important. For example, the functional food market that is beneficial to health and can supplement nutrition is developing steadily, and healthy food has become the most important standard for product development in the food field. In this way, it is not surprising that a Swiss food group is currently transforming into a health care company. In order to achieve this goal, their current main task is to improve products by adding nutritional elements beneficial to health. Because the target group is changing, a large number of new products are pouring into the market. For example, more and more elderly people will be interested in healthy food in the future

the natural color of packaged products plays a decisive role in many consumers' purchase. It is required to be more comprehensive and specific for the safety test of car wheels, which is why the vacuum applied to prepackaged meat is increasingly replaced by inert gases. For food packaged in vacuum, the meat will lose its original color in a short time because the air is almost completely evacuated. When replaced by inert gas, the meat will maintain its original surface state, because the mixed gas contains specific oxygen content, as well as auxiliary carbon dioxide and oxygen. The latest gas treatment system can also extend the shelf life of prepackaged food. Since the vacuum pump is no longer used, its potential energy and cost saving ability is also very prominent

healthy and convenient food packaging is increasingly developing in the direction of convenience. The latest products include microwave heated trays with integral moisture channels for effective pressure cooker cooking of ready to eat foods. In the process of packaging, the hard inlay wetted by the food processor is used as the source of humidity to produce water vapor. This technology is combined with the top barrier film, and the resulting pallet is very suitable for map (modified atmosphere packaging). The opening of the top film is used to control excessive pressure during cooking. Consumers remove the sticker before cooking in the microwave oven. All standard tray sealing equipment can handle this kind of tray, and the prerequisite is to have the corresponding tools (humidifier and punching and labeling equipment). This system is suitable for integration into the fully automatic packaging production line

the thermoforming packaging market has begun to develop. The thermoforming packaging of cups and trays has rich experience in the food industry, and the design of deep trays or rice bowls meets the needs of special products. Packaging products should be able to withstand all aspects of the test. The packaging is refrigerated or frozen, and then directly heated in a conventional or microwave oven. Due to the particularity of prepackaged sausage and cheese, flexible film cannot be used for packaging, and only trays that can be repeatedly sealed after opening can be used. The appearance of packaged goods has become increasingly important. It conveys a sense of delicious food and triggers consumers' desire to buy

refrigerated convenience food is favored

the growth rate shows that refrigerated convenience food is the latest development trend. Nowadays, refrigerated food is a fashionable word for the fast food industry. It is a semi-finished product with high quality, easy to eat and fresh. According to the current market survey, refrigerated food has a good development prospect. This prediction is based on the fact that the product can perfectly combine food and health. Other factors include the strong acceptance of new cooking methods, and the great development potential of fresh food, which can grab a lot of markets from frozen products. This is why the sales of refrigerated pizza dough increased, while the sales of frozen pizza decreased. In order to speed up the market penetration of refrigerated food, investment in machinery, equipment, logistics and advertising is necessary. The latest packaging concept also brings new flavor to the refrigerated food industry. For example, in the fast food industry, fresh pasta packaged in a double chamber cup is the most obvious feature. This kind of fast food, called the fresh cup, can be eaten in less than 3 minutes by heating in the microwave oven. 4 Place the cleaned samples in order in the sample basket and put them into the cooling tank safely. Some food manufacturers said that the most successful products sold are products that can meet the needs of peak and off-season, including special salad and cereal pudding. Their mobility is in line with market changes. Whether they are taken out of the refrigerator and eaten directly or heated in the microwave oven, the taste is the same

rod packaging is famous for saving raw materials.

another promising packaging form is rod packaging, which is used to contain instant liquid or viscous food. The only difference between the flow mode of food and hose packaging is that food enters the mouth directly after being packaged. Excellent sealing ensures its quality. For manufacturers, the special advantage of this kind of packaging is that it can save raw materials compared with permanent sealed bags

carton packaging challenges the canned food market

canned food is currently facing strong competition. Food manufacturers are gradually turning to cartons that are heated and disinfected. Manufacturers have successfully packed sterile food in cardboard boxes for the first time in the history of the packaging industry. This packaging product that can be heated by microwave ovens has begun to be put on the market. In just a few months, traditional canned vegetable manufacturers have adopted new packaging for sales, and this innovation has also offset the strong dislike of consumers for traditional canned non perishable vegetables. In the eyes of experts, similar to the development from jars to cans, this new type of easy to open box is a big breakthrough, building a bridge between filling machines and packaging manufacturers. Consumer surveys show that these products look fashionable and convey a fresh feeling. Retailers are pleasantly surprised to note that the place where two cans were originally placed can now accommodate three new packaging boxes with the same filling volume

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