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Emerson's global data center in St. Louis received LEED gold certification

St. Louis, Mo (February 25, 2010) e No. 6 fatigue testing machine if Merson (NYSE: EMR) is located in St. Louis, with leading technology The energy-efficient global data center has won two environmental Honors: the gold medal certification of the energy and environmental building certification system (LEED) issued by the U.S. Green Building Council, and the 2009 beyond green high performance building award issued by the sustainable buildings Industry Council

emerson global data center covers an area of 35000 square feet and is located at Emerson headquarters in St. Louis, providing support for Emerson's global manufacturing and engineering operations. The energy efficiency of the data center is 31% higher than that of traditional data centers, and it has the largest 7800 square foot rooftop solar array in Missouri and more than 550 solar panels

leed gold certification is a rare honor for data centers. Winning this award is a powerful testimony to Emerson's commitment to energy efficiency and the environment, said David RR, Emerson's chairman, CEO and president. The certification and beyond green award are recognition of Emerson's innovative methods and efficient technologies, which help data center managers solve one of their biggest headaches, that is, energy consumption

the concentration of energy and industry has been significantly improved. The environmental building certification system (LEED) was established by the U.S. Green Building Council and recognized by the U.S. Green Building Certification Institute. It is an outstanding project representing the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings. Emerson global data center received 40 of the highest 51 points of the gold medal award, and won the LEED gold medal certification

the United States plus high-precision software and hardware technology and integration capacity the national sustainable construction industry committee awarded Emerson the beyond green award in the field of innovative solutions for niche market applications in the global data center. The award recognizes the shaping, reform and promotion of the high-performance building market, as well as the practical application of high-performance design and construction

Stephen C. Hassell, President of infrastructure management business of Emerson energy data center and former Emerson vice president and CIO, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. escorts your work. Today, he attended the beyond green award luncheon in Washington as a speaker. The meeting was presided over by Illinois congressman Judy biggert and Missouri congressman Russ Carnahan, and co organized by the high performance building Congress caucus. The event was a briefing for legislators on high performance buildings

Emerson is honored to win the beyond green award with other most creative buildings in the United States, including the National Landmark Empire State Building, Hassell said. We are proud of our integrated approach to designing and building more environmentally friendly and Energy-Efficient Data Centers for our global operations

as part of the beyond green award, the data center will be published as a case study in the whole building design guide, a publication sponsored by the National Institute of Building Sciences, and will be featured by ed+c magazine

emerson global data center invested $50million and successfully achieved the highest energy efficiency by adopting the latest efficient technology, precision refrigeration products, and the efficiency strategy recommended by Emerson energy business

in addition, the construction of the data center also takes the environment into account from beginning to end. 80% of the construction waste generated in the construction can be recycled through the waste landfill; Its innovative design features enable Emerson to save more than 2.5 miles of copper tubes and use almost no excess materials

fox architects in St. Louis cooperated with Emerson in data center design and helped the company apply for LEED gold certification. For more information about the data center, please visit

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Emerson (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, is a leading company in the world. The company combines technology and engineering to provide customers with innovative solutions in the fields of network energy, process management, industrial automation, environmental optimization technology, household appliances and tools. The company's sales in fiscal year 2009 reached US $20.9 billion, and ranked 94th in the Fortune 500 largest enterprises in the United States. For further information, please visit (global) and (China)

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