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Emerson drive provides excellent football control for the football arena

[Guide: Emerson CT's AC servo drive plays an important role in the football arena. This is a fully interactive football scenic spot, which is located in the Xscape leisure indoor entertainment park in braehead, Glasgow, England.]

the football arena is Kevin Keegan's idea. Here, visitors can experience a series of challenging foot marking projects, including ball control, shooting and precise passing

the final project is the video game Super League, in which players need teamwork to knock down the target. This game is designed to test strength and accuracy. This game includes a group of football players' actual size models, each of which is encoded with color to represent different scores. The player must kick 10 balls. The goal is to hit all the targets and activate the above sensor, which will start the retraction process of the player's feet. During the whole game, the ball will be automatically passed to each player's feet

a total of 28 10 minute unidrive SP drives in servo mode control the target and pick up the ball. At the beginning of the game, 20 targets installed on the long stroke linear actuator rise to the starting position. Each linear actuator is driven by a 5.5kW (7hp) unidrive SP, and each unidrive SP drive system is equipped with a sm applications (built-in programmable controller). There is a fieldbus i/o module at the rear of each target, which is responsible for sending signals directly back to the driver. Every time the target is hit, the system will score. If the impact is large enough, the driver can be triggered, and the target will shrink back to the game table

a separate PLC is used to process the database, read all team cards, start the game, monitor scores, and communicate with 20 unidrive SP servo drivers through PROFIBUS to control the start and stop of Premier League games

the football is filled into two ball boxes. There are always 200 balls in the system at any time. Two conveyor belts with a series of plywood run through the ball box, picking up 10 balls at a time, and 7 national high-tech industrialization bases. Before indexing the balls and transferring them to the two transfer positions, the sensor will check whether there are indeed 10 balls on the conveyor belt, and the linear actuator will load the balls on the four conveyor belts at the transfer position. The unidrive SP AC drive in servo mode will control these 8 axes separately (these 8 axes include 6 conveyor belts and 2 linear actuators)

main advantages

intelligent distribution

effective multiple redundancy

Advanced on-board programming

high speed communication

design project manager David Birchall leads the work of the football arena control system. For this scheme, he commented that the versatility, communicability and programmability of unidrive SP are necessary for design. The reason why we use intelligent distributed control system instead of centralized control system is that the system has effective multiple redundancy. Even if a part of the automation system goes wrong, the performance can continue, which is also the best tradition of our performance industry

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