A clump of strong bamboo appeared out of thin air

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Yesterday, on the outer wall of Jianshe Avenue at the exit a of Huiji Second Road subway station of Metro Line 3, I saw a small clump of bamboo "out of thin air" growing on the wall, about 10 cm long and green, about 45 meters above the ground

a cluster of purple bamboo grows at the root of this wall, but the top of this cluster of purple bamboo is about 1 meter away from the small cluster of bamboo "born in the sky". This contrast makes this small clump of bamboo emerging from the bare outer wall more abrupt. After careful observation, I found that there was no soil on the wall and I couldn't see the roots of bamboo. How did it grow

take a photo of this small clump of bamboo and send it to Wuhan gardens. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable and reliable work, high experimental accuracy and stable afterburner. Donglikun, senior engineer of the scientific research institute. After looking at it, he analyzed that there are generally two situations when bamboo grows like this: first, when building a wall, a bamboo is sealed in, and bamboo grows out of the cracks in the wall. However, from this photo, this possibility is too small to be ruled out; The second is a 3 in the ground flower pool The type of experimental machine: the root bamboo whip (the underground stem of bamboo) grows out, and then grows up along the inner wall. After so many years of experimental machine sales experience, it can be seen that the experimental machine manufacturing enterprise in Jinan is in a saturated state, and the bamboo whip stubbornly grows out of the wall crack when it meets the wall crack. "This kind of wall is hard material from the point of view that if the surface is too small, it will cause the sliding surface of the drag mechanism, but it may be a frame structure inside, with cracks and a certain humidity. The vitality of the bamboo whip is very strong. When there are cracks in the wall, it will grow towards a bright place. Therefore, the second situation is very likely." Donglikun said

what will happen if it is allowed to grow? Dong Likun replied that as the bamboo grows slowly, the narrow gap space is difficult to accommodate, which may compress the outer wall and deform it. The solution is also very simple. The relevant units and departments find bamboo whips in the flower pool and the corner of the wall, cut their roots, and stop transporting nutrients. After that, the upper part will die naturally

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