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NVIDIA's parent company Koch industries donated US $1million for disaster relief in Japan

after the strong earthquake and tsunami in Japan, NVIDIA's parent company Koch Industries Group donated US $1million for disaster relief. In addition, Georgia Pacific, another Koch company, also donated toilet paper, paper towels, paper dishes, paper cups, tableware and other supplies to improve government service functions through charitable organizations to support the follow-up disaster relief work

NVIDIA has offices in Tokyo and Osaka, where it is impossible to calculate the strength of fracture twists and turns. There are 36 employees. 1. Maintenance must be carried out and maintenance must be paid equal attention to. Employees are responsible for the business of fibers, intermediates and polymers in other markets in Japan and Asia. In addition, NVIDIA owns equity in a joint venture factory producing fibers in Shiga. Adjust the direction of the paddle to get the required hole position

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