Countermeasures for strictly controlling fire sour

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Countermeasures for strict control of fire source in railway special line

1) strictly implement the hot work system. When the maintenance and construction work is carried out in the forbidden area, it must be approved by the action fire after the amplification of the high-speed amplifier, and the hot work permit must be handled. A specially assigned person is responsible for it, and a specially assigned person is responsible for monitoring it, so as to take necessary rescue and fire-fighting measures

2) strictly implement the temporary power connection approval system. All electrical equipment shall meet the requirements of explosion-proof grade

3) electrical equipment that cannot reach the explosion-proof level, such as motors, wires, lighting fixtures, distribution boards, switches, etc., cannot be used

4) the aging or damage of electrical equipment and facilities should be handled or replaced in time

Adjust the level of the experimental machine

5) strictly implement the safety rules and regulations, and it is strictly forbidden to bring open fire sources (lighters, automobiles, tractors, battery cars, irons, shoes with nails, chemical fiber clothes, etc.) into the fire prohibition area

6) it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the no fire area, which makes its comprehensive performance good

7) regularly check and detect the lightning protection and anti-static connectors and grounding facilities to make them always in good condition

8) it is strictly forbidden to slide the railway tank car on the dedicated railway line, and it is strictly forbidden to push the tank car against the cargo space with the top of the non shunting train

9) it is strictly forbidden to use iron tools in the oil loading and unloading operation of the railway special line

10) workers should wear protective clothing during the unloading operation, and the oil flow rate should be less than 4.5m/s, so as to prevent the extensometer with total elongation from generating a lot of static electricity with a gauge length of at least 100mm

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