CP rose slightly in November, the hottest month, a

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CP rose slightly in November, and the domestic gas trend is difficult to get rid of the entanglement

1 formulate the "smart car public road test management specification" CP rose slightly in January, and the domestic gas trend is difficult to get rid of the entanglement

November 1, 2012

[China paint information] Saudi Aramco announced that in November, liquefied gas CP, propane rose $25/ton to $1050/ton, butane rose $25/ton to $990/ton, equivalent to about 7550/7118 yuan/ton, excluding discounts; The landed cost of pure propane import in November was around 7770 yuan/ton, up about 20 yuan from October, because the discount negotiated recently was about US dollars

in October, the domestic gas market broke through the volatile market in August and September, and the base price kept rising, which made speculators overjoyed. First, the temperature drop has driven the demand of the southern market, and the consumption rate of the tertiary stations has accelerated; The second is the overhaul and rectification of Guanghua petrochemical in South China and Dongxing in Zhanjiang, which has led to the tightening of supply in the region and supported the price rise; Again, in the middle of the month, it was reported that Sinopec began unified marketing on New Year's day in 2013. The coordination ability among Sinopec units was strengthened, while the purchase intensity of players in the municipal

market was strengthened, and the transfer of refinery inventory to social inventory was smooth. In different periods in October, there was news support from all sides, pushing the transaction price up

according to zhuochuang information price library, the listing price of Guangzhou Petrochemical on the 31st was 7360 yuan/ton, up 180 yuan from 7180 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month

customs data showed that LPG imports in September were 309700 tons, down 38.07% month on month; In October, the import cost was much higher than the domestic retail price, and domestic traders' procurement slowed down, mostly on the sidelines. According to statistics, the domestic arrival volume in October still showed a downward trend, and it is estimated that less than 200000 ships are within the scope of standard management of food contact materials

at present, the two maintenance units in South China have returned to normal, the supply of liquefied gas has increased, and the self supply capacity in South China has increased; Overhaul of 8million T/a atmospheric and vacuum secondary processing device of Yanjiang Changling refinery, with a reduction of more than 600 tons; The overhaul of Xi'an Petrochemical Plant in Northwest China is planned to resume in mid to early November, and there is no overhaul plan for large-scale units in other parts of the country. In the remaining two months of 2012, according to the practice of previous years, there is a plan to increase the crude oil processing volume before the end of the year, which is intended to complete the annual processing task in advance. It is expected that the liquefied gas production will increase to a certain extent

the decrease of temperature drives the increase of demand, leaving enough room for traders to imagine; The fact that cannot be ignored is that the market share of natural gas in urban gas has increased until the sample is out of proportion, which has occupied the living space of liquefied gas to a certain extent; In addition, the global economic growth slows down, the manufacturing industry is depressed, and the industrial gas demand in the Pearl River Delta is poor; In late October, the retail price of domestic bottled gas ushered in a wave of concentrated rise. The price of bottled gas in some regions exceeded the downstream affordable range, the power of alternative energy rose, and the actual demand for liquefied gas had the potential to decline. Referring to the domestic gas trend in 2011, it began to decline in October, and the decline continued. This year, it is not impossible to reproduce the downward trend of last year's peak season by taking advantage of the favorable conditions in advance and consuming them too early

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