Countermeasures of plastic industry after China's

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China will join the WTO at the end of the year, which is an opportunity for the plastic industry. We should take some necessary measures to strengthen and expand China's plastic industry

First, accelerate the formulation of relevant protection policies, improve anti-dumping laws and regulations, and establish an anti-dumping complaint, filing, investigation and judgment system, so as to establish a strong support system for domestic enterprises in anti-dumping. The state will strengthen risk prevention and ensure economic security. Relevant departments should organize enterprises to learn the relevant provisions of the WTO, gradually master and fully cause the deformation of elastomer and change the resistance value of strain gauge pasted on it for application. At the same time, they should make full use of the country's standardized management methods and corresponding legal systems in accordance with international practice to strengthen the management of foreign multinational corporations and multinational banks in order to obtain protection

second, it is fully open to the inside and realizes a diversified sales system. Plastic enterprises should step into the first step. 4. Please connect the grounding mark of the mortar tensile testing machine and change the operating mechanism. Taking advantage of its high market share in the domestic market, we should adopt the methods of production, supply and sales, joint production and sales, direct sales, commission sales, distribution and so on to adapt to the continuous market intersection, and gradually establish a business mechanism that meets the development needs of domestic and foreign markets and conforms to international trade rules and market competition, Create good conditions for enterprises to better participate in international competition and make them stand firm in the fierce market competition

third, enhance the ability of technological innovation. On the one hand, plastic enterprises should deepen reform and transform mechanism; On the other hand, we should also enhance the ability of technological innovation, improve production efficiency and product quality to meet the needs of the international market, so as to improve the competitiveness of the international market. We should rely on scientific and technological progress to accelerate product renewal, actively adjust the product structure, accelerate the renewal and transformation of existing equipment and technological innovation, strengthen the development of new products, concentrate on breaking through a number of key advantageous projects, form our own unique core technology, and bring new products with new varieties, excellent performance, high quality and low cost to the market as soon as possible, so as to narrow the gap with the world's advanced level as much as possible. We should speed up the improvement of plastic processing equipment and mold level, especially pay great attention to the development of mold, CAD/CAM software and precision, large and complex mold; We should strengthen the international standardization of plastic products and strengthen the international authoritative certification of products. Plastic products entering the world trade market generally should have the certification marks of international authoritative institutions. It is a top priority to speed up the certification of enterprises through the international IS09000 quality system. Computer software systems are mainly used for the movement of beams of experimental machines

fourth, talents are important resources for scientific and technological progress and economic development. The plastic industry should actively cultivate and absorb high-quality talents who have a wide range of knowledge, understand technology, production and management, and establish an incentive mechanism conducive to the cultivation, use and growth of talents

v. make full use of information resources to promote the development of the industry. After joining the WTO, in order to survive and develop in the fierce market competition, the plastic industry must follow the track of international market and scientific and technological changes, make full use of information resources, and promote the development of the industry

VI. pay attention to environmental protection, strengthen the recycling of waste plastics and the research of CFCs substitutes. With the increasing use of plastic products, it will bring some pollution to the environment. Therefore, we should take the recycling of waste plastics as a strategic work, especially to strengthen the recycling of waste plastics, strengthen the degradation of plastics and other methods to deal with waste plastics, so as to turn waste into treasure and make the best use of materials. We have a detailed understanding of the following information

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